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Hardwich Rosebel

Hardwich Rosebel

Is a dad of a future dictator, co-founder of Class of Style and also an Amsterdam based, no nonsense, fanatic image maker. He loves to say that he started taking pictures, because he's not able to visualize what's in his head with a pencil, at least not the way he'd like to. "It's easier for me to manipulate an existing subject than to build something from scratch. I thank Steven Sasson for the invention of the digital camera and Thomas Knoll for Photoshop. They made my life so much easier!"

Hardwich offers the following serivces

PHOTOS - For all your editorial, commercial and personal purposes. "Just shoot an idea or leave the concept all up to me."

RETOUCH - "Yes, I'm a Digital Photo Cleaner as well."

WEB SUPPORT - "In case you fell out with your Web Master or don't have the time or knowledge to maintain your own website."

SMALL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS - "I give advice to one woman/man businesses and create solutions for them."

LOGOS - "Not my core business, but still worth mentioning."

Curious about his prices? Just scroll down to the contact section and ask him.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that you won't find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media.

“I Photoshop my pics, not my life 😉


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